Wireless infrared grating development

May. 10,2020

The landmark wireless infrared grating series is the ultimate solution for outdoor perimeter protection, protecting residential and commercial property. This series of products adopts a number of breakthrough technologies, which have high performance and flexibility even in direct sunlight. In addition, plug-and-play automatic settings and patent-pending front-mounted grating modules make installation easier than ever. .

feature of product

Protection range: outdoor up to 8M, indoor protection height of 2.7M at 5 meters, using up to 10 pairs of synchronous dual beams with unique infrared beam technology, can be used in direct sunlight conditions with high false alarm resistance, avoiding leaves and blowing Debris and small animals affect the alarm and plug and play. Automatically set the link between the two beams. The infrared grating system automatically recognizes the number of valuable dual beam modules without the need for jumpers. The anti-interference function can prevent the installation of adjacent windows. Beam interference occurs between the two sets of equipment. The beam signal is encrypted by the system identification to achieve the anti-vandalism function. The patent-pending front-mounted module can easily be added or replaced. There is no need to remove the rail shell from the wall and the wall tamper resistant beam calibration. The shape indicator and buzzer can easily complete the rotating bracket. It supports side installation and is powered by a standard 3V CR123A lithium battery. The typical battery life is 3 years. The signal will not be misreported by fog, snow, dust and rain.

Product model name: RWT74B405 wireless grating 0.5 meters RWT74B810 wireless grating 1 meter Technical parameters The following technical parameters are gratings with a height of 0.5 meters. 1m height can double the number of gratings and batteries. Height: 0.5 meters Beam number: 4 beams Outdoor range: 5 meters Indoor range: 8M Detection method: two pulsed infrared beams, interrupting the beam at the same time Interruption feedback time: from 225 to 900m / sec Adjustable optical axis rotation 180 ° (horizontal) Anti-vandalism: Encryption protocol with system ID Anti-collision: 2 channels, synchronous protocol Environmental protection: IP65 shell and wall anti-disassembly Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C Battery: 2 × CR123A3V lithium battery Launch rail, 1 for receiving rails) Battery life (normal mode): typical 3 years, 10 beam interruptions per day and 40 radio transmission sizes (length x width x height): 500 × 40 × 42mm


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