What are the uses of darkroom UV analyzers in the industry?

May. 8,2020

The dark box UV analyzer is composed of quartz glass UV lamps and color filters. The wavelengths of the three groups of light sources are 254nm, 312nm and 365nm, respectively. The light source can be used for experiments through color filters, and the two light sources can be used alone or mixed together. The dark box UV analyzer has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat and continuous use for extended time, and the product quality reaches the level of the same type of products abroad.

The structure of the dark box UV analyzer:

This instrument is composed of a group of quartz ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths of 254nm, 312nm, and 365nm and color filters. For spotting and positioning lighting of the chromatography plate, a common fluorescent lamp is also installed in the seat. The whole machine has simple structure, light weight, strong versatility of parts and convenient use and maintenance.

Product use of the dark box UV analyzer:

1. It is used to detect many major substances such as proteins and nucleotides in scientific experiments.

2. In drug production and research, it can be used to check the quality of hormone alkaloids, vitamins and other fluorescent drugs, which is particularly suitable for thin layer analysis, paper layer analysis and detection.

3. In the chemical industries of dyes, coatings, rubber and petroleum, measure various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators and additives, and identify different types of crude oil and rubber products.

4. In textile chemical fiber, it can be used to measure different kinds of raw materials such as wool, silk rayon, cotton synthetic fiber, and can check the quality of the finished product.

5. It can be used to check the quality of toxins, food additives, spoiled vegetables, fruits, cocoa bean fat, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, egg 00, etc. in the grain, oil, vegetable and food departments. 6. In the departments of geology and archaeology, it can discover various minerals and determine the authenticity of cultural relics.

7. In the department, you can check the determination of finger marks, secret writing, etc.

The use and precautions of the dark box UV analyzer:

1. After connecting the power supply, turn on the "ON / OFF" to light the lamp, then you can place the tested sample under the lamp for observation and analysis. If you place the instrument in a dark room or use a black cloth to block the bright light, the effect is better .

2. The UV color filter should not be rubbed against metal objects and cannot be stressed. The surface should be kept dry and clean. It should be wiped with alcohol or hexyl ether to prevent the filter from becoming moldy.

3. When using, the operator should irradiate the ultraviolet rays on the sample to avoid irradiating the human body, and wear glasses to avoid harm to the human body.


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