SMT is one of the basic components of electronic components

Sept. 4,2019

SMT is one of the basic components of electronic components, called surface assembly technology (or surface mount technology), which can be divided into leadless or short leads. It is a circuit assembly technology that is soldered by reflow soldering or dip soldering. It is also the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry at this stage. Features: Our substrate can be used as a power supply, signal transmission, heat dissipation, and structural functions. Features: Can withstand the temperature and time of curing and soldering. The flatness meets the standards of the manufacturing process. 1, suitable for repair work. 2. Suitable for the manufacturing process of the substrate. 3. Low dielectric number and high resistance. 4. The materials commonly used in our product substrates are healthy and environmentally friendly epoxy resin and phenolic resin. They have good flameproof properties, temperature characteristics, mechanical and dielectric properties and low cost. As mentioned above, the rigid substrate is solidified. Our products also have flexible substrates, which are space-saving, folding or turning, and mobile. They are made of very thin insulating sheets and have good high-frequency performance. The disadvantage is that the assembly process is difficult and not suitable for micro-pitch applications. In my opinion, the characteristics of the substrate are small leads and spacing, large thickness and area, good thermal conduction, stronger mechanical properties, and good stability. In my opinion, the mounting technology on the substrate is electrical performance, reliability, and standard parts. We not only have a fully automatic integrated operation, but also a double guarantee of manual review through manual layer-by-layer auditing, and the product qualification rate is as high as 99.98.

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