PLC control board program development

Sept. 28,2019

PLC control board program development

Development technical parameters:


One: 8-bit high-performance single-chip microcomputer (STC89C51) as the main control chip;

Second: the main power supply adopts 6V-9V AC power, and the peripheral drive power supply adopts 12V AC power;

Three: 12-channel photoelectric isolation digital input, port built-in power supply.

Four: 8 channels of optically isolated digital output, relay output mode, output current is 5A, the output port status can be read back;

Five: The system adopts photoelectric isolation and enables internal watchdog and strict high-frequency filtering characteristics to make the system work stably and reliably without deadlock phenomenon;

Six: each channel output, the output has LED display working status;

Seven: The system has four dial switches to set some parameters;

Eight: compact (suitable for any size of the chassis), PCB size: 140mmX105mm;

Nine: Support online programming, no need to burn the recorder, make the program modified, easy to upgrade;

Ten: The chip has EEPROM memory, which can store the data that the user needs to store.


One: working temperature: 0~55 °C;

Two: storage temperature: -20+80 ° C;

Three: Humidity: 5~95% non-condensing;

Four: power consumption (no external equipment): +6V@ 0.5A (typical);

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