Mine dryer PCB solution mine dryer PCB circuit board circuit board design design and production

Jan. 1,2020

Program features:

1.Simple design and small footprint

2.Sturdy polished stainless steel inner cage, no damage to materials

3. High-efficiency circulating exhaust and inner cage rotation ensure fast and even drying

4. High-quality heat exchanger and timing control forward and reverse, further improve the quality of drying and shaking

Scope of application:

1. The dryer is mainly used to dry materials with a certain humidity or granularity in the fields of ore dressing, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry.

2.The dryer is widely used in tea, Chinese herbal medicine, corn, vegetables, food, chicken manure, slag, towel cover, sawdust, slime, desulfurized gypsum, compound fertilizer, honeysuckle, straw briquette fuel, charcoal machinery, wood pellet fuel , Sawdust briquetting, agriculture and animal husbandry engineering and other industries.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different mine dryer control boards, different use environments, and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration books.


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