Igniter control board design plan development and production company

Jan. 1,2020

Ignition control board development

Technical Parameters:

Ignition function

1. Flameout protection function: if no flame is detected within 5 seconds of ignition, disconnect the gas valve;

2. Anti-air burning function: infrared detects that the pot is not on the stove, disconnects the gas valve and stops ignition;

3. Long gap ignition function: As long as the pot is on the stove, the gap will be ignited for a long time;

Ignition external lead

1. Power line: ~ 220V power input;

2. Transmitter head line: Connect the transmitter. On a 1KHZ square wave, modulate a 38kHZ square wave; (Y = AB)

3. Receiving head line: Connect the receiving head. Restore 1KHZ square wave;

4. Air valve line: Connect to 24V DC air valve. 24V output for 1 second, and then maintain 12V output;

5. Ground wire;

6. Ignition wire: connect two ignition pins; flame detection line inside the machine. :

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