How to use blood collection pen?

Apr. 18,2020

Unscrew the blue cap on the front of the lancet; insert the lancet tightly into the lancet holder. Gently twist the protective disk above the lancet until it separates from the lancet. Don't twist the lancet. Turn the cap of the cap back clockwise. If necessary, adjust the puncture depth setting. The sphygmomanometer design of blood glucose test strips of various models of blood glucose meters cannot be used interchangeably, so patients must purchase test strips that match this model according to their blood glucose meter models in order to accurately play the role of detection. Turn the knob of depth adjustment (knob), the smaller point represents a shallow puncture, and the larger one corresponds to a deeper puncture. Slide the pop / buckle control until it snaps. Slide the pop / buckle control until it snaps. For most diabetics, all-in-one sphygmomanometers only need to use a blood glucose meter to accurately measure blood glucose and then record the measurement results. Therefore, diabetic patients with general economic conditions are still mainly practical, and it is more appropriate to choose economical blood glucose meters. If it is not snapped, the sampler may have been snapped when the lancet was inserted. Press the release button. Remove the ONETOUCH lancet from your finger. Gently massage your fingers to get a round drop of blood. Do not squeeze the puncture site excessively and do not wipe the blood. Now you can proceed to the blood test. Put the tip of the exposed lancet on the lancet, then remove the lancet. The development of a blood glucose meter all-in-one machine suffers from a variety of metabolic abnormalities, and needs to monitor multiple indicators at the same time, and patients with more economic conditions can choose a luxury blood glucose meter. Place the lancet protection disk on a hard surface. Push the tip of the blood collection needle into the protection tray. Turn the tip of the lancet downward and outward. Push the release button to ensure that the blood collection device is not caught. Advance the eject / buckle control to eject the lancet from the sampler. Blood glucose meter test paper usage and common problems: how to use the blood glucose meter [Video] How the blood glucose meter works How to use the blood glucose meter How to use the blood collection pen Use the common error code (code) type blood glucose meter settings Date and time type blood glucose meter battery replacement method type blood glucose meter view measurement record blood glucose test paper use method type blood glucose test paper use preservation precautions type blood glucose meter download measurement results to the computer blood glucose test paper storage method and precautions .


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