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Jan. 1,2020


1. The grain dryer adopts the mixed-flow drying principle advocated by grain drying experts, which has high thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption, and high productivity. Due to the mixed-flow low-temperature drying, the water is slowly and uniformly removed, and the thermal damage is small, and its crack rate (storm Low waist ratio), good quality after grain drying;

2. The grain discharge device of the grain dryer adopts a sliding valve structure, which has no damage to the material during operation, and the grain discharge speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the output and water removal requirements to meet the needs. It can be based on the seed grain or commercial grain. Requirements, adjust the drying speed to meet the quality requirements;

3. The grain dryer adopts the mixed flow principle. When circulating drying, the number of cycles can be less than that of the cross-flow dryer, which can ensure the uniformity of the material after drying and reduce the crushing of the material.

4. This model uses hot air as the drying medium. The grain is heated evenly and the precipitation is good, and the quality is good after drying.

5. The whole equipment is manufactured by CNC punching and bending, and the auxiliary parts (such as ladders, maintenance platforms, etc.) are welded, standardized production, good interchangeability, can be arbitrarily configured, and can also be serially produced to reach scale Operating, reducing production costs;

6. The machine adopts building block structure, which can be arbitrarily combined according to different output, different usage methods (batch cycle or continuous), and water removal requirements to meet the requirements of different drying scales. 7. The dust removal system can be configured according to the process requirements, and the environmental protection requirements can be achieved without the need of a settling chamber. In addition, it can be installed in the open air, which can reduce the investment as a whole.

8. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. The same equipment can be used to dry grains such as rice, rapeseed, soybeans, wheat, corn, camellia seeds, etc., which can be used to dry different grains in different harvest seasons, improve their utilization rate and reduce the idle time of the equipment.

9. Straw or coal is used as fuel, which is converted into clean hot air by a heat exchanger without pollution to the grain.

10. Can be used for high-moisture rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other grains, suitable for farms, grain stations and grain farmers.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different grain dryer control boards, different use environments, and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration books.


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