Factory direct power supply motor vehicle motorcycle tail light warning light 3 road 4 road led cycle horse racing circuit HL2202

Apr. 22,2020

HL2202 is a CMOS application specific integrated circuit. It contains a single-ended RC oscillator, 2-level frequency divider, three-way / four-way selection, distribution, driver, etc. Wide operating voltage range, large driving current, few external components, easy to use and reliable. The utility model can be widely used in occasions such as flashing of tail lights of motorcycles and flashing of decorative lights. This circuit has the basic functions of LP167 and LP182. Pin arrangement and function Pin number Pin name symbol Function description 1 Output 1Q1 One of three / four outputs 2 Output 2Q2 Two of three / four outputs 3 Oscillation terminal OSC external RC generates oscillation time base 4 ground Vss power supply Ground 53/4, choose SET floating for four, connect Vss for three 6 output 4Q4 four output four 7 output 3Q3 three / four output three 8 power supply Vdd power supply positive (6-12V)


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