Dispenser control board solution development

Sept. 28,2019

Dispenser control board solution development

Development product technical parameter description:

working principle:

Through the motion controller, motor, motion platform and system control software, the working platform is moved according to the expected trajectory, and the glue is controlled by a built-in glue controller, with a glue storage tank, a dispensing valve or a dispensing needle. Out, thus achieving an automatic dispensing process. The fully automatic dispenser provides customers with a convenient programming method. You can use the G code to write the glue track on the PC or use the AUTOCAD to draw the glue track, and then download it to the dispenser motion controller through the RS-232 serial port. You can also teach the programming through the touch screen on the dispenser. The dispensing track program can be stored in the dispenser so that the user can frequently change the dispensing product; the dispensing start point can be set and saved through the touch screen.


1. PC or hand-held programming for programming, realize *** positioning and dispensing control three-axis linkage, realize spatial linear interpolation or two-axis circular interpolation;

2, with trapezoidal or S-shaped curve acceleration and deceleration function;

3, dispensing and sports mode online teaching function;

4, laser height calibration;

5, with independent universal input and output;

6, can store multiple independent running programs

7, automatic needle calibration function, automatic cleaning function;

8. Customized design according to different application requirements;

9, with plastic barrels, glue guns and other dispensing systems;

10, X, Y, Z three-axis stroke is about 300 × 300 × 100mm


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