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Sept. 4,2019

Scope of business: ◆Software and hardware development of electronic products: a team of software and hardware R&D engineers who have been technically competent for many years, familiar with different software and hardware rule protocols (such as Modbus/RS232/RS485/I2C/USB/IR/RF, etc.), which can be quickly and comprehensively Provide customers with electronic product software/hardware design and development services in areas such as switching power supply, linear power supply, industrial security, medical equipment, intelligent control, motor control, water temperature control, temperature and humidity control, heating/cooling control, LED light control, small High-tech fields such as home appliances, toy gifts, consumer electronics, network equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, instruments/meters. Simply put forward the functional requirements/concepts/thoughts of the product, we can design the circuit/design software/design product/production sample/prototype according to your requirements to realize the expected function of the product! ◆ Complete solution for electronic products: In-depth communication with customers to repeatedly define the design framework, and then provide one-stop product service from product principle design, structure layout, software development, hardware development (including component procurement), product testing and processing to finished products. . Save a lot of development time and development costs for those customers who focus on product marketing, help customers to always have a leading edge in the product market, create value for customers, diversify cooperation / humanization, can be customized, can be developed by agreement, can output chips , out of PCBA, provide a full set of technical information. ◆Single-chip circuit board development: professionally undertakes the development of various single-chip projects, control product design, schematic design, PCB design, single-chip programming, production product prototype and post-production test integration services. There are many successful cases in the MCU microcontroller project. We can write all kinds of single-chip programs from low price to high price to meet the needs of different customers. For example: low-end and medium-end single-chip microcomputers: low price/high cost performance (such as: Taiwan Songhan MCU, Hetai MCU, ELAN Microcontroller) Small household appliances/toys and other products; medium and high-end single-chip microcomputers: medium-priced (such as: PIC series, STC series, AVR series, Renesas series, etc.) are mainly used for various control board/drive board products; high-end single-chip: powerful (such as : NXP series, MOTOROLA series, STM32 (Arduino), Samsung series MCU) are mainly used in industrial products; ◆ Software design / upgrade / development: software design - MCU software development and design, according to customer requirements, write the required functional software, Or rewrite the software part according to the actual hardware of the customer. Software upgrades - add or modify product features based on legacy product software. Software perfection - solve the customer's original product software BUG, so that the customer's products are more perfect. Areas involved: ◆ Heating and cooling control panel development: water heater control panel, electric water heater control, electric heating table control panel, dryer control panel, solar water heater, air energy water heater, induction heating control panel, intelligent heating control panel, electric oven control Board, heater control board, electromagnetic heating control board. ◆Water temperature control board development: water heater control board, electric water heater control, electric heating table control board, dryer control board, solar water heater, air energy water heater, induction heating control board, intelligent heating control board, electric oven control board, heater Control panel, electromagnetic heating control panel, water level control panel, water level controller, fish tank control panel, water dispenser computer control panel, water purifier control panel, induction faucet control, foot tub control panel. ◆ Motor control board development: Motor control board, motor drive control board, DC motor speed control board, electric door control board, garage door control board, electric vehicle control board, generator control board, stepper motor control, gate control Board, motion control board, stepper motor drive, electric toothbrush control board, motor soft start control board, electric fan control board, balance car control board, sewing machine control board. ◆Intelligent control panel development: intelligent home appliance control, multi-function control panel, electric curtain control, smart home control panel, induction control panel, touch screen control panel, touch button control panel, wireless control panel. ◆ Security control board development: alarm control board, access control b


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