Baler board solution development

Sept. 28,2019

Baler board solution development

Product Specifications:

Function Description

Power: 220V

Applicable strap: PET.PP

Applicable strap specifications: wide (10-16) mm; thick PP belt (0.65~1.05) mm, PET belt (0.45~1.05) mm

Tightening tightening force: PET belt 200kgs (2KN); PP belt: 100kgs (1KN).


Length 390.50mm X width 127.80mm X height 134.60mm

Machine weight:

Body 3.5kg;

Battery: 0.92kg.

Noise value: 96.4dB (at load).

Tightening speed: 130mm/s.

Bonding time adjustment: 0.6 to 4.8 seconds.

Bonding efficiency: 80% ± 5%

Battery: Voltage 14.0V/2.4Ah (the number of times of packing for one charge is about 130 to 150 times, under the binding force setting condition.)

Charger: Charging time is about 30 minutes under normal conditions.


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